First shipping!

So it’s, ‘No rest for the wicked’, as my grandmother used to say!

It is Sunday and the first shipment of the Weekertoft boxed set is now packaged and ready to post tomorrow. I hope there’s not a queue at the Post Office and an absence of rain would certainly help.

There is still one week left for people to order at the early bird price of £25 plus shipping. All details on I am also adding a flyer from the original tour in 2013  – free bookmark offer maybe? Apart from the reduced price a great bonus for early birds is they also get to be on the guest list for the official launch concert on February 5th. Details here This will undoubtedly be a very special evening!

It’s all about Paul and I wanted listeners to engage directly with the music and trying to avoid the kind of anonymity / throwaway culture of the faceless download.

After all, to get to this point the project has been building for at least the last four years and we are naturally proud to see our effort come to fruition. I hope that our enthusiasm will be shared by the people I am already thinking of as members of ‘The Weeker Club’ i.e The Ear Club. Discerning listeners all!

First shipment ready to post

first shipment