Weekertoft – A new label for improvised music

So pleased to be able to announce this, the first release on a new label put together by Paul G Smyth and myself
The 4 CD boxed set is available at a special pre order early-bird price and will be physically released on January 30th 2016
Called ‘Making Rooms’ it is a 4-disc document, individually sleeved, with a 20-page booklet of accompanying text and photographs. There is some stunning music from my trio with Evan Parker & John Edwards, Pat Thomas solo, the trio of Alison Blunt, Benedict Taylor & David Leahy, and duo of Kay Grant & Alex Ward. All the music is of live recordings taken from the Mopomoso UK tour of 2013.This was to celebrate the 21st anniversary of Mopomoso and its contribution to the promotion of freely improvised music. Pre-release ordering at a special early-bird price of £25 plus shipping is from http://weekertoft.bandcamp.com/
The name ‘weekertoft’ is a portmanteau coinage from Kentish dialect and translates roughly as ‘earfarm’ and the logo picture is of the house I grew up in – a converted army hut from the 1920s. My first music was played behind the door at the end in the bit that my grandparents called either ‘the end’, ‘the shed’ or ‘the shop’ as it served as a butcher’s farm shop during the second world war. My Hofner Galaxie guitar plugged in to a Selmer Treble and Bass 50 and 1 x 18 bass cabinet would make everything rattle which was a source of great fun for a teenager. Not surprisingly neighbours up to half a mile away didn’t exactly agree about this!
weekertoft logo picture

WEEKER n. Ear. “Ain’t young Francis got great big weekers.” – Ashford and district. (see also Arkies) The Dialect of Kent (c1950)
TOFT tof-t n. A messuage; a dwelling-house with the adjacent buildings and curtilage, and the adjoining lands appropriate to the use of the household; a piece of ground on which the messuage formerly stood. A Dictionary of the Kentish Dialect and Provincialisms (1888)