Interview by Sammy Stein

Here’s a link to a recent interview I did with Sammy Stein….


‘Of future projects and up-coming events, Russell says: “I would like to keep playing and listening. To continue working on Mopomoso and to work more often with the musicians I work with now, as well as meet new ones. I have Fete Quaqua (a regular event) coming up at the Vortex on August 17-19, 2014. On October 9, I go to Amsterdam to play with Evan Parker, John Edwards and Han Bennink then I go to Hannover for the 25th anniversary festivities of Gunter Christmann’s Vario. There are lots of other things (the duo tour with Stale, for instance) and December 19, 2014 is my 60th birthday and I will be at Cafe Oto for a musical celebration. Also expected in the near future are some CD releases — a quartet with Stale Liavik Solberg, Steve Beresford and John Edwards; a four-disc box set of the Mopomoso tour; and duos with Sabu Toyozumi and Phil Minton.’