Some guitars over the years

In response to an enquiry about my guitar history I have quite a few guitars but these are the ones that represent my main instrument over the years. I  have not kept any of the early electrics as I upgraded each time I got a new one.

egmond-lucky7I started playing with a cheap steel strung acoustic and the ‘Tune a Day’ guitar book, graduating to my first electric after a couple of months. A Rossetti Lucky Seven with a white plastic Egmond pick up.

hofner galaxieThis was followed by a solid body three pick up Hofner Galaxie.

grimshaw GS30The last of these earlier electrics was a Grimshaw GS30 Les Paul which I used when I first started playing free improvisation and it can be heard on the Incus LP ‘Teatime’.

epiphone zenithAfter this I switched to acoustic playing and used an Epiphone Zenith made in 1936.

Radiotone GuitarsA fine guitar it finally ‘wore out’ and I bought the guitar I use today. The Radiotone F7812, again built in 1936, it is the top guitar in this catalogue and at the time cost £6 15s 0d or £6.75.

BroadwaywbThese days I occasionally play electric guitar as well and use an Epiphone Broadway with a natural finish like the one in the picture.